August 30 – September 1st
Climb aboard for a trip back in time during
Labor Day Weekend in Angola and Pleasant Lake, Indiana
Ticket sales begin July 16th at 6:00 PM

ROLLING VICTORY is a three-day living history event celebrating American military, railroad, and home front history featuring vintage train rides, World War II reenactors, battles, big band orchestra, and an immersive and educational experience for all ages in Pleasant Lake, Indiana. Guests are encouraged, but not required, to dress in period-appropriate clothing for the occasion.

The historic community of Pleasant Lake, Indiana will be transformed into a homefront village and WWII encampment during the 1940s featuring immersive exhibits, historic demonstrations, displays, food, and demonstrations.

Passengers can board the Victory Flyer and arrive at a US Army camp, take an hour-long train ride to the fighting front aboard the “Toot Sweet” Express to witness Germans and Allied troops battling over a strategic rail yard, enjoy a three-hour excursion behind a 1940s steam locomotive aboard The Limited, and attend a 1940s Dinner & Dance featuring a big band orchestra in Pleasant Lake on Saturday evening. On-site food service vendors include Baker’s Dozen Donuts, Scoops Ice Cream, and Gump’s Smokin’ BBQ.


$85.00 – $225.00

Departing at 6:45 PM on Friday, August 30th from 1469 West Main Street, Pleasant Lake, Indiana, this three-hour evening excursion will feature a 1940s steam locomotive, WWII reenactors, and first-class and open window accommodations aboard a vintage passenger train. Passengers are encouraged to dress in era-appropriate clothing for the occasion. Choose from our Cigar Car, historic dining and lounge cars, or ride like a railroad president in our Pullman Car. All first-class tickets include drink tickets and appetizers. Drink service begins at 5:00 PM.

$45.00 – $120.00

Report to 1469 West Main Street, Pleasant Lake, Indiana at 6:00 PM on August 31st and join us as we celebrate the 80th birthday of Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive No. 765 during a special 1940s-themed tent pole dinner and dance at the Pleasant Lake railroad campus. Featuring a big-band orchestra, historic automobiles, World War II reenactors, and vintage trains, this will be a night to remember! Member, reenactor, individual, and couples pricing is available.

To help create the right atmosphere for this semi-formal occasion, guests are encouraged to dress appropriately for the era. Live entertainment will be provided by Knights On The Town Big Band, cash bar service by Charlie Horse Mobile Bar, and catering by Gump’s Smokin’ BBQ.

Victory Flyer

Departing from 611 West Maumee Street, Angola, Indiana on August 31st and September 1st, the steam-powered Victory Flyer will carry visitors to and from the Rolling Victory event in Pleasant Lake, Indiana. Passengers are encouraged, but not required to dress for the occasion. Trains return to Angola every 2 to 2.5 hours. Passengers may return on later trains if so desired.

“Toot Sweet” Express – Battlefield Train

These diesel-powered trains depart from our Rolling Victory event in Pleasant Lake, which can only be reached by our Victory Flyer shuttle train. On August 31st and September 1st, passengers can board a troop train to the front lines where a battle rages between the Germans and Allied forces to control a strategic rail yard on the outskirts of “Paris.”


Photographers, historians and train fans will enjoy posed nighttime photography featuring reenactors and authentic railroad equipment and environments, including Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive no. 765, vintage railroad passenger cars and automobiles, and the historic Pleasant Lake depot.

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What to expect

Riding aboard a vintage train can be an exciting and memorable occasion. Our events are meant to be sensory experiences – from the onboard accommodations to the dramatic sights and sounds of a historic locomotive pulling the train. With the exception of our open window and open air cars, all cars are climate controlled and restrooms are available on board throughout our train set.

Please check the details for your tickets and trip and always make sure to check your email for your receipt and pre-trip instructions and information. Be sure to review our FAQs, safety-related items, and disclaimers located under the ticket information. We look forward to seeing you aboard!

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Boarding for Ice Cream Trains, Wine, Whiskey & Spirit Trains, and Angola American History Trains will be held approximately 20 minutes before departure time. Look for parking signs and directions upon arrival and additional instructions sent to you before your trip.

611 W Maumee Street
Angola, Indiana, 46703


What's it like riding your excursion trains?

Riding aboard a vintage train can be an exciting and memorable occasion. Our events are meant to be sensory experiences – from the onboard accommodations and food service to the dramatic sights and sounds of a historic locomotive pulling the train. Depending on your trip, passengers can enjoy standard accommodations in coach and deluxe coach classes, or opt for a special experience aboard first-class lounge cars straight out of the 1940s and 50s. Private, executive class cars are also available to charter for groups.

Food service is generally only available in First Class, Lounge, or Executive Class accommodations, and is available when specified as part of your ticket purchase.

Please check the details for your tickets and trips, as onboard food may not always be available, and always make sure to check your email for your receipt and pre-trip instructions and information.

What things should I know before taking this trip?

Our train rides are memorable outings, but there are key items to keep in mind:

  • Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes (no sandals, flip fops or open toed shoes.)
  • Expect a train on any track, at any time in any direction.
  • Do not walk on the rail head.
  • Our primary attraction is a coal-burning steam locomotive and often produces cinders that fly through the air and can be dangerous to the eyes. You must wear safety glasses if riding in an open vestibule.
  • Due to the special nature of these events, our scheduled times are not guaranteed and can be affected by freight or passenger traffic or other logistics. Please do not make time sensitive plans.
  • All trains run rain or shine.

Are there restrooms available on your trains?

Every other car will typically have its own restroom facility. In the event that a car does not have an operational restroom, the next car ahead or behind you will. Restrooms will also be available at our boarding site.

Are cars air conditioned?

Most cars are climate controlled, but our open-air and open-window coaches are not. Please be sure to read the ticket information with your class.

Are seats assigned?

Generally speaking, seats are not assigned. Only suites in our lounge car are assigned to the ticket buyer at purchase. Groups riding together are encouraged to purchase their tickets and board together. Car hosts will make every attempt to seat parties together. Your ticket may be assigned with a car name or number at the time of purchase or before travel.

Are your trains ADA accessible?

Most of the passenger cars used on these trains were built in the 1940s and 1950s, decades before ADA handicap considerations were implemented, and are historic in nature.

Some passenger cars have narrow hallways, narrow doorways, and small restrooms and these can present guests with limited mobility with insurmountable challenges. 

Passengers with limited mobility need to be aware of these limitations and should expect such situations and should contact the Ticket Agent for planning and accommodations. We make every effort to reasonably accommodate guests with limited mobility and are in the process of converting a car with a wheelchair lift.

If you are traveling in a wheelchair or other such device, you are responsible for providing any person(s) necessary to assist in loading, unloading, or onboard mobility and they must have the proper ticket.

Will there be a diesel in the train?

While our steam locomotive is perfectly capable of operating a train on its own, we plan to use a vintage diesel locomotive on one end of the train in most cases to facilitate return trips to the station or backup movements.

This is necessary for several reasons. First, for safety, operating our locomotive in reverse while pulling the train tender-first provides the operating crew with limited visibility. Second, at this time there is only one location on the railroad where we can “turn” the train around. Nevertheless, the steam locomotive will always be a part of your train ride unless for mechanical reasons it is substituted.

Are these excursions roundtrip?

Yes. All trips return to their original departure location.

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