The Indiana Rail Experience is powered by the time machines of the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc. This year’s events will be operated by world-famous steam locomotive no. 765, a 1940s-era machine that has become a living, breathing sensory experience. Originally built for the Nickel Plate Road for fast freight and passenger trains, it was displayed in Fort Wayne’s Lawton Park in 1963 and eventually restored to operation in 1979 by a volunteer workforce. Weighing in at 400 tons and standing 16-feet tall, the 765 is one of the most active steam locomotives still operating in the United States and a roving ambassador and teaching tool for Northeast Indiana.

Joining the 765 in operating trains this year will be several vintage diesel locomotives owned by the Indiana Northeastern Railroad. Plans call for other historic locomotives to join the Indiana Rail Experience in the future.

Passengers aboard our trains will enjoy accommodations in a variety of open-air coaches, deluxe coaches, and first-class passenger cars from the 20th Century, including the diner lounge Silver Diner and open-air car John H. Emery owned by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society; three former Pennsylvania Railroad coaches No. 142, 147, and 148; the privately-owned Paul Revere and Woodland Stream first-class cars; and the Norfolk and Western Business Car Preservation Society’s private Pullman business car the Roanoke. Select trains may also use open-window coaches from the Little River Railroad.