9:00 AM – Departure from Edon
11:30 AM – Arrival in Hillsdale
3:00 PM – Departure from Hillsdale
6:00 PM – Arrival in Edon


$99.00 – Open Air
$119.00 –  Deluxe Coach
$249.00 – First Class
$279.00 – Woodland Stream First Class
$5,000 – Private Car Norfolk & Western 300


All-day excursion

Parking & Boarding

206 S Michigan St

Edon, OH 43518

Enjoy an all-day steam excursion on Father’s Day featuring historic Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive no. 765! This trip will treat passengers to a summer train ride from Edon, Ohio to Southeastern Michigan for a three-hour layover in the historic downtown of Hillsdale.

Departing at 9:00 AM, the train will arrive in Hillsdale for lunch where guests can visit the local farmers’ market, take a walking tour, and enjoy lunch on their own in a variety of area restaurants.

With a scheduled departure from Hillsdale at 3:00 PM, the train will arrive back in Edon at approximately 6:00 PM.

Deluxe Coach, Open Air, First Class, and Private Car tickets are available. Select amenities include open vestibules, onboard entertainment, a photo runby, and light appetizers and drink service for first-class passengers.

This trip will be steam-powered in all directions.

Climb aboard our time machine

What to expect

Riding aboard a vintage train can be an exciting and memorable occasion. Our events are meant to be sensory experiences – from the onboard accommodations and food service to the dramatic sights and sounds of a historic locomotive pulling the train. Passengers can enjoy standard accommodations in our open window coach or regular deluxe coach classes, or opt for a special experience on our open-air car or within our first-class lounge cars straight out of the 1940s and 50s. With the exception of our open window and open-air cars, all cars are climate controlled and restrooms are available on board throughout our train set.

Foodservice is generally only available in first class and lounge car accommodations, and available when specified as part of your ticket purchase. Please check the details for your tickets and trip, as onboard food may not always be available, and always make sure to check your email for your receipt and pre-trip instructions and information. Be sure to review our FAQs, safety-related items, and disclaimers located under the ticket information. We look forward to seeing you aboard!


Deluxe Coach | $119.00

Seating in the Collinsville Inn (No. 148), Franklin Inn (No. 142), or Norrisville Inn, (No. 147), these deluxe coachs feature reclining chairs, air conditioning, and open vestibules. Children three and under do not require a ticket if they occupy your seat or lap.


Open Air Car | $99.00

With its four open baggage doors, the John H. Emery allows passengers to experience the sights and sounds of historic steam railroading at speed. The Emery features first-class food and drink service. PLEASE NOTE: This car is standing-room only and is not air-conditioned.


First Class - Silver Diner | $249.00

First-class accommodations in the Silver Diner, 1950s dining car parlor car originally built for the California Zephyr and later upgraded and operated by Amtrak. This ticket includes light breakfast appetizers and refreshments served on board.


First Class - Paul Revere | $249.00

First-class accommodations in the Paul Revere, a 1951 parlor car originally built for the Pennsylvania Railroad. This ticket includes light breakfast appetizers and refreshments served on board.


First Class - Woodland Stream | $279.00

First-class accommodations aboard the Woodland Stream, a 1949 lounge car originally built for the New York Central Railroad. This ticket includes light breakfast appetizers and refreshments served on board.


Private Car - Roanoke

Enjoy exclusive accommodations for a group of 15-20 guests aboard the Roanoke, a private Pullman business car originally built for the Norfolk & Western. Take in the countryside from the open-air platform, and enjoy food and refreshments throughout the day. This car will be featured on the rear of the train.


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